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The Eureka casino, where Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is said to have gambled, in Mesquite, Nevada …

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, they keep coming back to one of the most unusual aspects of the 64-year-old’s personal profile: his money.

Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports. His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We’ll never know what truly motivated Paddock, who took his own life after killing 59 people and injuring 500 more at a country musical concert on Sunday night. Here’s what we know so far about his financial situation.


Domestic Terrorism: Home Is Where The Hate Is – The National Memo

Reprinted with the permission from Reveal and The Investigative Fund.

The original version of this joint project can be read at both The Investigative Fund and Reveal, which feature many additional photographs, illustrations, graphs, and a full explication of the methodology used to compile the terrorism incident database. 

An early high-water mark of Donald Trump’s presidency came February 28, with his first address to Congress. Midway through the speech, the new president turned to national security: “We are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from” – and here he paused for emphasis – “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Those words got him a standing ovation. A week later, he unveiled his second executive order banning entry for people from several Muslim-majority nations.

Trump frequently had excoriated his predecessor, President Barack Obama, and his chief political opponent, Hillary Clinton, as naive, even gutless, for preferring “violent extremism” to describe the nature

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