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VIDEO: Flagler sheriff’s new game: ‘Fugitive Friday Bingo’ – Daytona Beach News

Video seeks public’s help to locate fugitives

BUNNELL — The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office on Friday introduced its first “Fugitive Friday Bingo” video alert to inform the public about the county’s most wanted fugitives.

The 1-minute-13-second video made its debut on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page “in an effort to utilize social media as a means to help find these criminals,” according to a media release from the Sheriff’s Office.

Friday’s video features Sheriff Rick Staly and Cpl. Scott Wetherhold of the agency’s Fugitive Unit standing beside a clear cylinder containing 10 bouncing pingpong balls as Staly announces “let’s see which dirtbag’s number is up.”

Friday morning’s number was 2 and Wetherhold identified “fugitive No. 2” as Christopher John Dugent Jr., 22, of Ormond Beach, who is being sought for failure to appear in court to answer charges of burglary of a

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Osama bin Laden’s video collection included kids’ movies ‘Antz’ and ‘Cars’

It’s impossible to know whether Osama bin Laden, sequestered in his Abbottabad hideout in Pakistan, ever turned on the DVD player and popped in a documentary he could instantly fact-check: “Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?”

Bin Laden’s video-viewing habits were highlighted Wednesday by the CIA, which released a trove of documents and media six years after the raid that killed the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. But for every insight from the release, there are dozens of head-scratchers, starting with bin Laden’s movie collection.

The man once listed as No. 1 on the FBI’s most-wanted list had collected the kid movies “Antz,” “Chicken Little” and “Cars.” In addition to the more serious documentary on the international terrorist, there were BBC and National Geographic documentaries, including “World’s Worst Venom,” “Inside the Green Berets” and “Kung Fu Killers.”

According to the CIA, there were also documents and videos that give

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