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Most Wanted: Dash cam video shows pursuit through Spring Hill neighborhood

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Spring Hill officer’s dash camera was recording Feb. 2 around 1:40 a.m. when a driver was pulled over along Candlelite Drive.

Police said the driver Leonardo Ewin, 42, was stopped for swerving in and out of his lane of travel.

In the dash cam video obtained by New 2, an officer approaches the car and asks, “What’s going on man?” and then orders the driver to “put [his] hand on the steering wheel.”

When asked if he has a license, the driver responds “No, sir.”

“What are you rolling your windows up for?” the officer asks the driver, whose response is inaudible.

(Courtesy: Spring Hill Police Department)

“Why am I scaring you? You’re scaring me. What’s going on?” The officer said. “Alright, do me a favor. Turn the car off, roll the window down.”

The vehicle then speeds

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Burglars ram car through door of Everett pawn shop, steal 34 firearms in fourth such heist

SEATTLE — There have now been four smash-and-grab gun thefts at pawn shops in Western Washington. So far, stores in Olympia, Tumwater, Lakewood and Everett have been hit.

The most recent was on Aug. 12 at Pawn Fathers at 6417 Evergreen Way in Everett. A trio of thieves stole 34 firearms after ramming the door with a red or dark-colored Dodge Stratus or Chrysler Sebring.

“It’s pretty disturbing. The value of the merchandise they got is pretty low, considerable to the damage that we are going to have to fix and repair and just the hassle and the headache of going through it,” said owner Jessica Adams.

Detectives are still investigating whether it was a stolen car. The ATF and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information that helps lead to the arrest of the suspects.

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Two Wisconsin Fugitives Captured through FBI Ten Most Wanted List; How Rare are WI Fugitives?

It’s pinned to the wall of thousands of stores and businesses across the country, 10 names and faces identifying the worst of the worst; fugitives on the run after committing heinous crimes.

It’s the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, and it’s typically void of Wisconsin criminals.

That all changed in 2016, when two Milwaukee fugitives were added to the list. Shanika Minor was wanted for shooting and killing a woman, and her unborn child. Terry Strickland was wanted for murdering two men in broad daylight.

Within days, both were captured, thanks to the national spotlight that the list provides.

     “If not for the Ten Most Wanted, they might still be out there,” says Special Agent in Charge Justin Tolomeo.

Minor and Strickland were the first Wisconsin fugitives to make the national Ten Most Wanted List since the 1980’s.

In its 67 year history, only 8 Wisconsin fugitives have made the list.

     “Clearly there

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