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Lancashire’s most wanted criminals

Lancashire Police has released its ‘Most Wanted’ list of county criminals.

Operation Montford is a countywide campaign running throughout this week focusing on locating and arresting individuals wanted in connection with serious offences, including domestic abuse.

Det Chief Supt Sue Clarke, of Lancashire Police, said: “Robustly dealing with individuals who have committed these offences, supporting victims and preventing further offending remains a force priority and a key part of our everyday business.

“This operation gives a clear message that this type of offending will not be tolerated and emphasises our commitment to ensuring the safety of the community we serve.”

Click on the link above to see the county’s most wanted crooks.

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Four Criminals on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List Are Immigrants

Looked at the FBI’s Most Wanted list lately? If not, you might be surprised to learn that four of the 10 criminals on the list are immigrants — including at least two who were in this country illegally when they committed their heinous crimes.

The makeup of the list highlights the problem of illegal immigration and crime in this country that President Donald Trump raised throughout his presidential campaign — something he’s continued to emphasize, with the creation of a special unit at the Department of Homeland Security called Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE).

Of the six American citizens on the list, three are Spanish speakers. Two of those three have ties to Mexico and are thought to possibly be hiding out in that country.

At least three of the criminals on the list have ties to violent transnational gangs that did not exist in the U.S. before the 1980s.

“They exploit the border.

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The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Criminals And The Vile Crimes They Committed

With a fascination in true crime entertainment continually being on the rise, people fail to realize that criminals aren’t just reserved to the pages of novels and Netflix screens. They’re alive and well and the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives in the United States is undoubtedly proof of that harsh and often terrifying reality.

The 10 men on this list vary in age, race, and ultimately, the crimes they’ve committed. If nothing else, the FBI’s most wanted illustrates the notion that crime is not one-size-fits-all. Just because someone doesn’t “look” like a criminal, doesn’t mean they aren’t. To further that point, take William Bradford Bishop as a prime example. Added to the list in April 2014, the FBI describes Bishop as:

“Bishop was, and may still be, an avid outdoorsman, camper, and hiker. He had extensive camping experience in Africa. He also enjoyed canoeing, fishing, swimming,

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Copperas Cove: Social media help police catch most-wanted criminals

COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) The Copperas Cove Police Department has started a social media campaign to help catch the department’s most-wanted suspects.

Last month the department posted a most-wanted list of three suspects on Facebook and Twitter and was able to make an arrest within 24 hours.

The list included people wanted for murder, burglary and long outstanding warrants.

Police say social media push has helped them make four felony arrest in less than a month.

The department has a social media team that works hard to respond to messages and tips.

They have also made progress through a website called Next Door Page.

Sgt. Kevin Miller says a lot of things play a role in their recent success and they hope it will continue.

“Some of it is good police work, luck and the public support in giving us tips,” Sgt. Miller said.

He says there are only 53 sworn officers at

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These are 27 of the UK’s Most Wanted criminals you must not approach

Here are 27 of the UK’s most wanted that the National Crime Agency don’t want the public to approach.

Suspected drug dealers, murderers, cyber crime fraudsters and are among the list.

They are all wanted by police and feature on the Government’s National Crime Agency (NCA) website as some of the country’s most wanted men and women.

Some are thought to be abroad, but others could be living anywhere in the UK.

If you think you recognise anyone here – do not approach them .

A spokesman for the NCA told the Leicester Mercury : “In an emergency, call 999.

“If you know the whereabouts of a wanted fugitive please contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously, via the online form or by calling 0800 555 111.

“Crimestoppers guarantee your anonymity; no-one will ever know who you are, you will not have to give a statement to the police and you will

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After 4-yr manhunt, FBI captures one of its most wanted criminals

Walter Yovany Gomez, one of the FBI’s most wanted men who has been sought in the last four years in connection with a brutal 2011 murder in New Jersey has been arrested in Woodbridge, Virginia by security operatives.

The suspect, one of the bureau’s 10 Most Wanted criminals, was hunted in connection with his alleged involvement in the murder of Julio Matute in Plainfield, New Jersey in May 2011, was arrested without incident.

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“The apprehension of Walter Yovany Gomez is a prime example of the close coordination between the public and law enforcement,” Agent Michael Whitaker told ABC News on Saturday. “Gomez will now stand trial for his alleged involvement for a brutal murder, which took a young man from his family. The FBI thanks the public for its continued vigilance.”

Gomez is

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Europe’s got a new strategy for catching their most-wanted criminals: postcards

“While most of us are enjoying a well-deserved summer break, criminals are not taking time off from crime,” Europol said in a statement.

Below, some of our favorite offerings:

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Information scant on SA’s most wanted criminals

Despite repeated requests over nearly three months for the photographs and details of South Africa’s most wanted criminals‚ police have failed to respond.

Police spokesman‚ Brigadier Vish Naidoo said in April that some of the information which he had been provided by the SAPS national detective services was “inadequate”.

He could not explain why those at the detective services had only provided limited information‚ which included photographs of some suspects‚ but no details of their crimes‚ or names but no photographs.

The Times through a search of Interpol’s most wanted list has established that SA police are searching for one South African internationally. There are six South African citizens wanted by other countries.

It is however uncertain how updated the information on Interpol’s website it.

A search of the police website reveals that there are just under 100 people who are wanted for various crimes across South Africa. These crimes range from fraud to bribery‚

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