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Rockton woman is ‘Fugitive of the Week’ | Crime | theprogressnews …

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Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Person Of The Week: February 8, 2018

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– Police are searching for a woman who went missing while hiking with her boyfriend. Officials investigating the case say the Frankfort couple went into the woods near Palisades Point to walk the trails around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.  The boyfriend reportedly walked down a trial, and when he came back his girlfriend, 40-year-old Jessica Burk, was gone.  After searching for her for five hours, he finally called poli…

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Wabash Valley Crime Stoppers: Most Wanted – The List – WTHI

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – News 10 has teamed up with Wabash Valley Crime Stoppers to bring the Wabash Valley’s Most Wanted. 

Click on the names below for a photo of the suspect, and what they are wanted for. Next to the suspect’s name, you can see if they are still wanted, or have been captured. 

If you have a tip that could help police find one of the people listed, call Crime Stoppers at 812-238-STOP.

Remember, your tips are anonymous and could lead to a reward. 

 – Jonathan Clymer | CAPTURED

Brandon A Stuthers | WANTED

Wade Bush Anshutz | CAPTURED 

Katherine Davis | WANTED

Matthew Hunt | CAPTURED 

Joshua Wayne Powers | CAPTURED

James Mahurin | WANTED

Cassandra Robbins | WANTED 

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What’s On: A Not-So-Random Killing on ‘American Crime Story,’ ‘grown-ish,’ ‘Waco’

A selective critical checklist of notable Wednesday TV:

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (10/9c, FX): As this chilling docudrama tracks back in time to reveal the extent of Andrew Cunanan’s (Darren Criss) crimes, the setting moves to Chicago, with stellar guest performances by Judith Light and Mike Farrell as Marilyn and Lee Miglin. She’s a cosmetics maven with a home-shopping TV high profile and a “perfect husband” in Lee, a well-connected real-estate tycoon who’s also a closeted gay of a certain age, making him vulnerable to the narcissistic and murderous predations of Cunanan. The authorities initially declare this incident a “random killing,” though it will soon put Cunanan on the FBI’s “10 Most Wanted” fugitive list.

Darren Criss and 'American Crime Story: Versace' Producers Tease Season 2 (VIDEO)

Darren Criss and ‘American Crime Story: Versace’ Producers Tease Season 2 (VIDEO)

The ‘Glee’ alum has

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‘Assassination of Gianni Versace’ Fact vs. Fiction: What ‘American Crime Story’ Season 2 Got Right

The People v. OJ Simpson fans hoping for another compelling retelling of a high-profile ‘90s with The Assassination of Gianni Versace weren’t disappointed, if the enthusiastic live-tweeting is to be believed.

The second season of American Crime Story, Ryan Murphy’s true crime anthology series, didn’t waste any time with its Wednesday night premiere: Serial killer Andrew Cunanan (Darren Criss) shoots down the 50-year-old the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace (Édgar Ramírez) in the first eight minutes. The rest of the “The Man Who Would Be Vogue” (written by Tom Rob Smith and directed by Murphy), shifts between the ensuing police chase and flashbacks to an encounter Cunanan had with Versace seven years prior. The episode introduces Gianni’s devoted younger sister, Donatella (Penélope Cruz), who will inherit the business, and his longtime boyfriend, Antonio D’Amico (Ricky Martin).

Younger viewers may not recall the details of this infamous murder, or,

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How to Watch ‘Assassination of Gianni Versace’ and What to Know For ‘American Crime Story’ Season 2

The second season of American Crime Story is finally here, with even more crime than the first. 

As with The People v. OJ Simpson, showrunner Ryan Murphy takes viewers through a high-profile crime from the 1990s with The Assassination of Gianni Versace. The first episode of the nine-episode series opens with the famed fashion designer’s murder and icludes emotional breakdowns, a high-stakes police chase and Darren Criss in his underwear.

In other words, this premiere is not to be missed. Here’s what you need to know to catch The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story tonight. 

darren-criss-american-crime-story-2 ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ gets its titular murder out of the way in the first eight minutes of episode one. Jeff Daly/FX

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‘American Crime Story’ takes on murder of Versace

In the spring and summer of 1997, before everyone used Google to find whatever they wanted, before everyone used Facebook to creep on old crushes, before cell phones were in everyone’s pocket, recording every bit of life around them — before cell phones were cameras that could make phone calls — the nation was gripped by a cross-country manhunt.

The suspect: a serial killer who had struck in Minnesota, Chicago and New Jersey. The motive: unclear; the victims had no apparent connection. The method: bludgeoning, shooting, stabbing — brutal deaths that kept investigators of the FBI and local authorities guessing until clues linked the killings to Andrew Cunanan, a college dropout with no discernible job except cruising gay bars, occasionally selling drugs, and striking up relationships with rich, older men and spending their money.

In May 1997, Cunanan was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list — certainly a level of

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Why “American Crime Story” took on murder and manhunt in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”

The latest iteration of FX and Ryan Murphy’s anthology drama “American Crime Story” differs in a dramatic way from its predecessor, “The People v. O.J. Simpson.”

This time, we see the murder.

Murphy calls “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” a “manhunt thriller.”

The iconic fashion designer was gunned down in front of his mansion in Miami’s South Beach neighborhood in 1997 by 27-year-old Andrew Cunanan. Described at the time as a “gigolo” by Martha Orth, whose book the series is based on, Cunanan had already been on a killing spree that landed him on the FBI’s most-wanted list.

Since Cunanan would take his own life before authorities were able to arrest him, “ACS” tries to examine why Versace became a target. Murphy insists the term “assassination” is accurate, although some would label Cunanan a psychopath and serial killer.

“’Assassination’ has a political overtone, and I think it denotes somebody who is taking the life of

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