9 Hot Actors Who Have Played Serial Killers or Cult Leaders

Slide 7/9 – Evan Peters as Marshall Applewhite and more:
(Photo: FX)

In FX’s 2017 series American Horror Story: Cult, Evan Peters got to play four famous cult leaders, in addition to the show’s main character and group leader Kai. Peters played Koresh, who Kai viewed as a spiritual mentor, as well as Manson, Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite.

As Jones (pictured above), Peters disguised himself to portray an American religious leader of the Peoples Temple cult, who initiated a mass suicide and mass murder in Jonestown, Guyana. Nearly three decades after the group’s creation, reports that human rights abuses were taking place in the Peoples Temple in Jonestown in 1978 led US Congressman Leo Ryan to launch an investigation into the cult; he and others were shot and killed whole boarding a flight with ex-members of the group.

Jones then committed a

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