‘American Crime Story’ takes on murder of Versace

In the spring and summer of 1997, before everyone used Google to find whatever they wanted, before everyone used Facebook to creep on old crushes, before cell phones were in everyone’s pocket, recording every bit of life around them — before cell phones were cameras that could make phone calls — the nation was gripped by a cross-country manhunt.

The suspect: a serial killer who had struck in Minnesota, Chicago and New Jersey. The motive: unclear; the victims had no apparent connection. The method: bludgeoning, shooting, stabbing — brutal deaths that kept investigators of the FBI and local authorities guessing until clues linked the killings to Andrew Cunanan, a college dropout with no discernible job except cruising gay bars, occasionally selling drugs, and striking up relationships with rich, older men and spending their money.

In May 1997, Cunanan was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list — certainly a level of

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