40-year-old murder trial to begin next week

A Marion County judge ruled Tuesday that testimony from a co-defendant’s 1980 trial will be admissible in a murder trial set to begin next Tuesday, despite the defense’s allegations of perjury and withholding of evidence.

William Claybourne “Clay” Taylor, 68, faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated battery in the shooting death of Walter H. Scott, 64, of Archer, in 1977. Then-Williston Mayor Eugene T. Bailey was shot in the face, chest and stomach area, but survived. Officials believe the attack was an assaination attempt with Bailey as the target and Clay Taylor as the triggerman.

Raymond Ellis “Ray” Taylor, Clay Taylor’s brother and co-defendant, was tried and convicted of the same charges in 1980. Only after his trial did misdoings by investigators and the state come to light. Information favorable to Ray Taylor was not disclosed to his attorney, something the state is

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