1 of NJ’s most wanted fugitives picked up in Middlesex County

John Horn 

A New Jersey man on the state’s most wanted fugitive list has been picked up by authorities in Middlesex County, according to authorities. 

John Horn, 56, was wanted in connection on an outstanding warrant for his alleged role in a four-state money laundering and racketing ring. 

Horn was arrested on Jan. 3 by Carteret and county authorities, according to Andrea Boulton, a spokeswoman for the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Authorities named Horn along with 46 others in an October 2016 indictment that charged the group in an operation that ripped off residents and businesses. Carlos Alcantara, 26, of South Amboy, is accused of running the fraud ring, which allegedly involved 44 companies. 

Horn is currently being held in Middlesex County jail, Boulton said. 

The details of his arrest were not immediately made public. 

Horn’s last contact with Middlesex

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