Evansville woman hopes story of surviving serial killer helps others

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — As the only known person to survive an attack by notorious serial killer Angel Resendiz, it seemed natural for Holly K. Dunn to title her book about it 20 years later “Sole Survivor.”

However, the Evansville woman wants others to know they don’t have to feel like sole survivors. They are not alone on their healing journeys, whether it is sexual assault or any traumatic life experience.

“I think anyone who survives sexual assault, you have a feeling of loneliness,” she said.

In the aftermath of her August 1997 assault, Dunn said she felt a sense of aloneness at having been assaulted by someone she had never met.

“Stranger sexual assault is the smallest percentage of sexual assaults. Usually, it is date or acquaintance rape that occurs,”

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