Investigators hope a new form of FBI technology can shed light on a decades-old Scottsboro cold case

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. — Scottsboro Police investigators are hoping a new form of technology can shed some light on a decades-old cold case.

A quiet Scottsboro cemetery holds a mystery that circles around a man known only as ‘John Doe’ in Scottsboro. “He was killed in a pedestrian accident, a fatal pedestrian accident, back in 1981,” explained Scottsboro Police Lt. Erik Dohring.

He didn’t have identification when he was hit and killed on Highway 72. The man was buried and left unnamed while Scottsboro Police investigators worked to find out who he was. “His fingerprints were sent off at that time to the FBI,” Dohring said.

But nothing. The FBI still has the prints, and Scottsboro Police investigators are hoping analysts can use them again with a new piece of technology. “They have a new algorithm to where they can match fingerprints with a lot less material, I guess you can say.”

Investigators went through

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