‘I Avoided Railroad Tracks Any Way I Could.’ Only Known Survivor of Rail-Riding Serial Killer Recounts Her Story

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) — As a college student, Holly K. Dunn survived a savage attack by a rail-riding serial killer who left her for dead after her boyfriend was beaten to death. Twenty years later, Dunn is a wife, mother and author of a book retelling her tragedy in hopes of inspiring resilience in others.

Dunn’s life changed forever in August 1997 when Dunn and Chris Maier were attacked by Angel Maturino Resendiz — the notorious “Railroad Killer,” linked to at least 15 murders and executed in Texas in 2006. Dunn and Maier were students at the University of Kentucky and the two were on their way home from a party in Lexington, Kentucky.

Dunn overcame the attack to graduate from UK in 2000, but instead of joining her family’s hotel business, she became an advocate for victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes.

Now her story of survival and healing is recounted

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