Ron Shelton To Direct Prison Break Film ‘Escape Artist’ About FBI Most Wanted Who Rented Shelton’s House! – AFM

Ron Shelton is set to direct Escape Artist, a movie from a script that he and Al Reinhert wrote about the true events surrounding Ed “Hacksaw” Jones, who broke out of 14 prisons and later ended up renting a house from Shelton in Los Angeles. Shelton is helming for Gold Star Films and Signature Films.

Jones would become the first person to ever be put on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list without ever committing a violent crime.

“I got to know Ed well when he rented a house in the Hollywood Hills from me after I moved out,” said Shelton said. “Ed was the greatest tenant in history–the bed was always made with the sheets tucked in without a wrinkle. The house was spotless. He changed the locks so even I couldn’t get in. And he paid six months in advance–all

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