Father of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock ‘ran illegal bingo parlour and tried to start his own church’

The father of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was reportedly a self-ordained minister who carried out marriage ceremonies and wanted to start his own church as well as being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list of fugitives.

In the search to understand the psychology of the mass murderer, attention has focused on the colourful criminal life of his father Benjamin Hoskins Paddock.

Although the killer had no previous criminal convictions and apparently lived in the shadows of society, rarely speaking to his neighbours, his father was a larger than life character, according to reports.

Paddock Senior spent almost a decade on the run after he was sprung from a Texan prison in 1968, with an FBI poster describing him as a “psychopath” who should be treated as “armed and very dangerous”. 


Unlike his son, Paddock Senior began his criminal life early, and was first arrested

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