Nevada Reels from Tragic Shooting – Reno – The Legal Examiner

Here in Nevada there’s a feeling of collective traumatization.  I’ve only felt like I felt on 9/11 one other time, and that was yesterday when I learned of this senseless event.  It’s a feeling that nothing will ever be the same.  It’s a feeling of something too big, and too horrible, to grasp.

Here in Reno we woke up to learn that the killer, Stephen Paddock, lived in the upscale retirement community that’s part of the larger Somersett development less than 10 miles away from our law firm.  He also owned a unit at the relatively new Montage condo tower in downtown Reno, just a mile or two away.  According to the Reno Gazette Journal he bought his home in Sierra Canyon, a Del Webb neighborhood in Somersett in June 2013.  He purchased his condo in 2012 and sold it last December.

The Reno Gazette Journal also reports that he lived in Somersett

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