Las Vegas shooting updates: 59 people are dead and more than …

When Brandon Hernandez first heard the pop-pop-pop during the concert, he brushed it off.

“What an idiot,” the 40-year-old thought. “Who’s lighting off a firecracker at the venue?”

But the firecrackers kept popping and, suddenly, the music stopped. And then the crowd started running. That’s when, Hernandez and his wife said, they knew something was wrong.

They started running too.

No one seemed to know where the gunfire was coming from. People screamed about possible shooters at neighboring casinos — New York, New York, the Tropicana.

“When they shut the music off, the shots got louder,” Robynn Hernandez, 47, said. “You thought he was right behind you.”

She said she ran as fast as she could, ending up in the kitchen of the Desert Rose hotel, huddled behind a refrigerator. She hid with about 30 other people in the darkened room, terrified that another shooter would burst through the door. Each time they heard a noise outside,

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