Las Vegas gunman’s ‘psychopathic’ father was one of the FBI’s Top Ten most wanted and escaped federal prison then …

The father of the Las Vegas shooter was an FBI most-wanted bank robber and confidence man known as ‘Big Daddy,’ who was captured in Las Vegas in 1960 – then escaped and lived on the run for a decade.

He was described as psychopathic, armed and dangerous and suicidal – and the public were told not to approach the criminal know also as ‘Chromedome’ and ‘Old Baldy’.

Stephen Paddock – the shooter who killed at least 59 in the Sunday night massacre – was just seven years old and living in Arizona when his father Benjamin Paddock was nabbed by the FBI for a series of bank robberies.

At the time, Stephen’s mother tried desperately to shield her young son and his three siblings from the devastating news that their father was living a double life as a bank robber and con-man.

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