Decades later, FBI still looking for Folsom State Prison escapee

Decades after Glen Stewart Godwin’s escape from Folsom State Prison, the FBI is still looking for the convicted murderer who until last spring was on the agency’s Ten Most Wanted list.

Godwin served just a fraction of his murder sentence before he sneaked out of prison through a storm drain in 1987. Godwin was apprehended less than two years later in Mexico for drug and weapons offenses but escaped before he could be sent back to the U.S. for his crimes.

Godwin ended up in Folsom’s prison after receiving 25 years to life in prison for stabbing a man 26 times and then using fuel oil, nitrogen fertilizer and dynamite to blow up the body in Riverside County. After trying to escape from his initial correctional facility in Tracy, Godwin was moved to Folsom, where he merited high-security “Maximum A” housing.

The criminal paid a fellow inmate to tamper

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