FBI Capture ‘Most Wanted’ Illegal Alien – CNS News

Walter Yovany Gomez.


(CNSNews.com) — After spending four years on the run for allegedly murdering a fellow MS-13 gang member in New Jersey, illegal immigrant Walter Yovany Gomez was captured by the FBI, which had placed him on its “Ten Most Wanted” list.

Gomez, nicknamed “Cholo,” is a citizen of Honduras who illegally entered the United States. He was wanted by the FBI for the May 2011 murder of a fellow member of the “Plainfield Locos Salvatrucha” gang, a branch of MS-13, in Plainfield, New Jersey.

“The victim was suspected of socializing with a rival gang and had been ordered to be killed by MS-13 leaders. It is alleged that Gomez and another gang member, after an evening of socializing with the victim, attacked him,” reports the FBI on its website.

“The victim was struck in the head

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