British court agrees to extradite alleged Orange County pedophile on FBI’s most-wanted list

A British judge has agreed to extradite an Orange County fugitive who appears on the FBI’s most-wanted list for allegedly molesting an underage choirboy from 1998 to 2002.

Untied States and British authorities have been battling for more than three years over the extradition of Roger Giese, 42, who had been a fugitive since 2007 when he fled shortly before his trial in Orange County Superior Court.

He was discovered in 2014 living in a small town in the English countryside, where he was working for a public-relations firm and living under a different name, according to British tabloids. It is unclear whether he is still not incarcerated.

British High Court judges previously refused to extradite Giese after determining that his human rights could be violated under a California law that allows sex offenders to be forcibly committed to a mental hospital after they have served their prison time.

But on Monday,

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