FBI’s 10 Most Wanted: Robert Francis Van Wisse is on the run for 20 years; Here is why he tops the list

FBI's 10 Most Wanted

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US domestic intelligence and security service, maintains an official Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, which is regularly updated.

The first fugitive in the FBI list is a person named Robert Francis Van Wisse, who was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and will be 51 years of age, if he is still alive.

Van Wisse had sexually assaulted and murdered Laurie Stout, a janitor in Austin, Texas, in 1983. He was let go as there was no concrete evidence that could link him with the crime. But by 1992, investigators reopened the case. But this time improvements in DNA technology, Van Wisse emerged as the prime suspect.

By 1996, an arrest warrant was issued for him by United States District Court in

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